Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Electric kettle.... My constant companion!

Hi guys,
   Sorry for the lazy and delayed updates... Was searching for a really interesting and common topic for discussion.. And guess what? The topic was lying on my window sill for the past six months!! Well.. It is the most common thing that you will find in hostel rooms., definitely can't live without it and our partner for all nighters during exams!!  No.. It isn't Maggi ( even though the description holds true for it)... It is our very own favourite ELECTRIC KETTLE! So what exactly happened?
    It happened around 6 months ago... It was my friend's birthday and I was in charge of making the caramel pudding.  My kettle is a really old model and doesn't have the auto off on boiling.... So when I boiled the milk in it and got distracted for just a second, all my hardwork started flowing down the sides of the kettle... Onto my mattress and all over the floor!! And while I was busy cleaning all the mess... Little did I realise that the milk got burnt and got stuck to the coil! Scared for my life I packed the kettle and did not open it, until 3 weeks ago, when I desperately needed the kettle and asking for it from others became a pain!!  That's when I undertook the CLEAN THE KETTLE project!
       Then started the endless Google searches, innumerable keyword combinations to find the perfect solution..... Little did I know it wasn't going to be as easy as a simple google search. Anyways, after around an hour of research, I came up with this method and it worked perfectly for me! This is how my kettle looked ( downloaded this pic from the net, mine was a Little browner)

   Now, most of the solutions suggested detergent, baking soda, vinegar and the likes. But where do we get these... In a hostel room!! That when it struck me... Anything strongly acidic would work wonders!! 
 STEP 1) Liquid soap:
           I first added around one tbsp of Vim Liquid and added around a glass of water and brought this mixture to boil.  This step has two benefits, it cleans up the insides of the kettle... Where no brush can reach and it also loosens up the burnt bits and makes the cleaning easier.  I brought this mixture to boil for around 10 mins and thoroughly rinsed it. 

STEP 2) Lemon juice:
    Then add the juice of one full lemon and mix with 1.5 times water and keep it for one hour.  The acidity will loosen up the really difficult stains and also kill most bacteria, making it Sterile! 

STEP 3) Boil:
   After an hour has passed, bring the lemon solution to boil. I love the fragrance that spreads in the room after the boil. Now... Thoroughly rinse the kettle. It smells so nice and citrusy after the rinse!! 

This is how it looks now

This is all your crazy organiser had to offer this time... Stay tuned for more tips and hacks.... Till then, adios! 

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